Remington-EP7030-Smooth-and-Silky-Wet-Dry-Face-and-Body-EpilatorThe Remington EP7030 Smooth and Silky Wet/Dry Face and Body Epilator has performed well beyond my expectations. I charged the product for the full four hours it says to in the directions. I’m sure if you are really antsy you can get away with only charging it for an hour or so. This product holds a charge really well. Cheaper epilators I’ve had will die after charging for hours, leaving me with half an unshaved leg. I got through all my body hair on the initial charge.

The directions say to start on slow, use the massaging head, and make your motions circular. I’m a big fan of getting through it as quickly as possible, so I started off using the faster speed with rapid, angular motions. The massaging head is a nice feature and is great for beginners to get acquainted with a rather unique sensation, though the regular head is much better at reducing the need to epilate at all. The massaging head won’t change the quality of your hair or how much of it will grow in, but the regular head will gradually make your hair finer and you won’t need to epilate as often. The other head that I found most useful was the precision cap, for facial hair. I used the regular head for the rest of my body, including my armpits, but I loved the precision cap for my face. I imagine it would be the way to go for epilating your bikini line as well, as it was very precise and gentle.

The EP7030 does not make epilating magically painless. Still, it only hurts as much as I imagine waxing does, and I’m sure it doesn’t hold a candle to childbirth, or even getting a piercing. That being said, you don’t want to subject yourself to this painful process any longer than you really need to, which is why investing that extra money in a good epilator is worth it. I do like that the Remington EP7030 can be used wet or dry. I like to use it wet, with soap. I think it’s much less painful. I don’t know if you can get your legs as smooth wet as dry, because epilating dry skin gets the hair more completely, but I’m all about comfort and I’d rather not go through the pain. Cleanup is a lot quicker in the tub than when you do it dry, as well.


As someone who is pretty used to epilating, I wasn’t too worried about using this product on my armpits, but I would NOT recommend you try it if you are epilating for the first time. Luckily, though, it doesn’t take long if you are willing to forgo the targeted head and slow speed. It just takes way too much time to get all the hair out unless you use the massaging head. With the massaging hair it should take you less than five minutes per pit, and you will be impressed with how smooth your underarms actually get. Sure they will be inflamed a bit and not too pretty to look at at first, but that’s what you get when you tear all your hair out at once! Anyway, the swelling and redness will go away pretty quick if you have average sensitive skin. This is another reason I take ibuprofen, because it’s an anti-inflammatory it really helps the swelling go down. If you have super sensitive skin, I’d recommend epilating your underarms only when you don’t have anything you’re trying to show them off for in the next week. Anyway, the Remington performs beautifully for these more-sensitive areas. I used the EP7030 on my face as well and I would say the pain was only about a 4 out of 10, which was great. It was really quick and efficient for facial hair. I knew that the EP7030 had more tweezers than an average epilator, but I didn’t realize how much that actually made a difference in the process. It makes it much quicker, which translates to less pain overall, which is a great boon for anyone.

The pivoting head is a huge bonus in the EP7030. Because bodies are curvy, not straight, it makes epilating a lot easier when the head moves with your body. I find it also helps me not miss certain spots. The little light is especially great for that, because my hair is very fine so it’s easy for me to not see a patch of hair in the bathtub. The little light makes your hair shine so you don’t miss any spots. The safety feature, which stops the epilator if you press too hard, is pretty standard and it makes me feel more comfortable epilating, but I felt that it might have been a little too sensitive when I used it as it stopped a few times when I didn’t think I was pressing any harder than usual.

I saw some patches of regrowth in about a week, which is not surprising, and it took about 3 weeks for all of my leg hair to actually be torn out. The Remington EP7030 is definitely a sturdy, reliable product that does what it promises to do. You can get your legs and pits done in a little over 30 minutes, which is a lot more palatable than an hour-long session, especially for those of us with a lower-than-normal pain tolerance. And, the removable head is very easy to clean.

Overall, my experience with the Remington EP7030 was positive. The most standout features were the precision cap, the high speed setting, the quick charging capacity and the light. The grips on the side are nice but I would expect that from any epilator, and the massaging head has its benefits but overall I didn’t think it got the job done like the regular head did. The only negative, I felt, was that the safety feature might be a little sensitive, but that also might be a quirk of the particular epilator I got. I would certainly use it again and would trust Remington’s other beauty products.