Philips-HP6576The Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe is a lightweight, durable, handy epilator that does its job admirably and leaves skin smooth and hairless. While not a perfect product, the HP6576 definitely outperforms comparable models on a number of levels.

The Philips HP6576 has a lot of features that are industry standard, but that’s not to say they aren’t helpful. I like the locking feature that stops the epilator from going off if it’s bumped in the bathroom or if you are travelling and it’s in your luggage. It has two speeds, one slower and one faster. I always use the faster speed when I use an epilator, and the fast speed on the Philips HP6576 is very fast indeed. It certainly outperforms other Braun and Remington epilators I have used in this particular area. It comes in a nice travel pouch and the flowery design on the actual epilator makes it nicer to look at so you don’t want to just throw it in a closet after you use it.

On to what makes the HP6576 special; this is one of the lightest epilators I have ever had the pleasure of using. It would make travelling with it a breeze, and it makes the entire experience more comfortable for me. Having to hold a clunky, heavy, poorly designed epilator takes away a lot of the grace and ease that you get with lighter, more ergonomic models. The Philips HP6576 is less than a pound and you can definitely feel the difference. It’s also well designed to be comfortable to hold while you are epilating and looks very sleek. I find that poorly designed epilators actually do more harm than good, because you are not comfortable using it so your movements during the session are more erratic and you tend to press harder, which causes bumps and lacerations, so a good, lightweight design really can make all the difference.

The ceramic discs are an excellent feature. Metal epilators can be very rough on skin without removing enough hair, but the ceramic discs work much better. You can get all the hair in one or two times and it is much easier on sensitive skin. The ceramic discs are especially useful for me because my hair tends to be very fine, so strands can slip through metal tweezers very easily but the ceramic discs don’t miss a single strand. You can see that the hair doesn’t break, either, because you can see the roots at the end of the strands.

The experience is certainly still painful, but that’s to be expected from any epilator. What you’re really looking for is to minimize the pain, and the HP6576 does that splendidly. It’s quicker and ┬átakes fewer sessions to get all the root hairs out than metal epilators. The HP6576 is called the “Satin Perfect Deluxe” for a reason; my skin felt very smooth after using it. Usually epilators will leave me with bumps, ingrown hairs, and rashes wherever I use them, but not so with this Philips epilator. Except for a little redness in my more sensitive areas (underarms and bikini zone), I didn’t have any breakouts or rashes after using it. The redness and inflammation under my arms went away in a matter of hours, as did the redness in my bikini area. There were no bumps at all.

The light is a really great feature that helps you get each and every hair yanked out. When you have fair hair like mine, it can be really easy to overlook a spot so you have random patches of hair up and down your legs. The light helps you find which spots you missed so your legs are 100% hairless! The HP6576 also holds a charge really well. After charging for an hour, you have about 40 minutes of juice, which should get you through at least 6 sessions. It’s cordless, which is perfect because it makes it easy to epilate anywhere and you don’t have to contort your body trying to find some way to get at an awkward spot.


The removable head makes the Philips HP6576 a dream for cleaning, and it comes with a little brush that you can use to get any stray hairs that don’t just get washed away in the sink. The product comes with four different attachments: a shaving head, a trimming comb, a massaging head, and an active hair lifter. The massaging attachments are a really nice touch, and while they don’t necessarily take any of the pain of epilating away, I do use them every time and I think they make a difference in my comfort level. The active hair lifter is great at getting some of those more stubborn, fine hairs that get passed over. The shaving head was my favorite feature. I like the idea of having an epilator and a shaving system all in one. The shaver is not the kind that is going to leave you with flawless smooth legs, but it will definitely do in a pinch if you need a quick shave on dry skin.

I will say that the noise of the Philips HP6576 was a little overwhelming. I know an epilator is a machine and that machines make noise, but it did seem like this product was noisier than most. I could not listen to music or watch TV while using this product because it just was drowned out by the epilator. This is not a huge problem for me, and the experience was good enough for me to completely overlook this factor in my overall impression of the HP6576.

The Philips HP6576 is a perfect epilator for an average user. While I think people with especially sensitive skin, or very coarse hair, might be better off with an epilator specific for those issues, this product should meet the needs of anyone looking to get smooth, hairless legs with regular skin and hair quality. It would be nice if it were quieter, but for the results it’s not a big deal to put up with the noise for a little while. The ceramic discs are brilliant and make this epilator really stand out!