Braun-SE7681-Silk-epil-7The Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator is an impressive epilator that gets the job done quickly, with no mess. In my experience with this epilator, it outperforms similar products in terms of speed and ease of use, and the pre-epilation wipes are a fantastic add-in. Here is my account of my experience using this product.




I charged the Braun SE7681 for an hour and got about 35 minutes of charge off it. It cannot be used plugged in, presumably because it can be used in the shower or tub and you could get electrocuted. That is something of a drawback for me because when I am epilating dry I would like to be able to charge the epilator while I am using it, but I understand the risk factor as well.

This epilator can be used wet or dry, and while I usually would epilate in the tub on wet skin, I decided to try the Braun SE7681 on dry skin. I did exfoliate first, and take a hot shower, and I used the wipes before epilating as well. The wipes are amazing for dry epilating. At first, I only wiped down one of my legs because I wanted to compare, but as soon as I started epilating on my “control” leg, I wiped it down because it made a huge difference in comfort.


I used the massaging head on fast speed to do my legs. The massaging head keeps the tweezers a bit further from your skin and makes your skin vibrate a bit, which helps me a lot in terms of pain. In the past I haven’t found massaging heads to be worth using, as they just slow down the process more than I care for, but the Braun SE7681’s massaging head seems like it is a step above the rest. It didn’t take forever, like other epilators, and it actually did seem to help with the pain. I tried out the efficiency cap, too, and it is way faster and gets more hair than the massaging head, but I still prefer the massaging head for alleviating the pain.

I did also use some of the extra caps for other areas of my body. I used the facial cap for my upper lip and the precision cap for some of the more hard-to-reach areas of my underarms, as well as the sensitive area cap for my underarms and bikini area. All of the caps were easy to pop on/off.


Using the Braun SE7681 was easy and as comfortable as it gets. There’s nothing that will entirely take away the pain of epilating, so the most important things I look for in an epilator are speed, comfort, and relative pain management. That being said, this product hits all the marks. It was much faster than other epilators I have tried, even the “slow” setting was almost as fast as the “fast” setting on some other products. I would say it took me about half the time it usually does to epilate both my legs with the Braun epilator. The pain was probably about a 6 out of 10, but I feel like that probably has to do with the fact that I am not used to epilating on dry skin more than the actual product.


The product design is pretty simple. The pivoting head, which I think is an essential feature, seemed to be a lot smoother and easier to maneuver than the pivoting heads on certain razors or other epilators. It’s perfect for following the curve of your leg. The shape is very user-friendly and comfortable to hold. The spotlight feature is also a huge bonus, and helps you see any hairs that got missed.

The biggest plus of the Braun SE7681, to me, was that the tweezers seemed to get hair that would be too short for other epilators. The box says that the SE7681 can get hairs as short at 0.5 mm, and I really felt like it was great at getting those little hairs from the root instead of just going right over them or even breaking them. I was really impressed by the overall precision of this epilator, I only had to go over my whole leg once and after that it was just touch-up spots.

Once I had my legs done, I did my upper lip, underarms, and bikini area. The bikini area was hands-down the worst for pain. The sensitive area cap didn’t seem to be quite up to snuff with the rest of the SE7681. I would rate the pain at about an 8 out of 10; to be honest, I didn’t think the sensitive area cap did anything at all different than the efficiency cap. The facial cap and the precision caps both did essentially the same thing, which is reduce the surface area of the epilator so you would only be epilating about 1/4 inch of skin at a time. This did make it noticeably easier to get rid of my upper lip hair and to get at the hairs in the creases of my underarms.


I had the usual amount of redness and inflammation, especially on my face and underarms, that I expect from epilating, but it only took about 2 hours for the worst of this to go away and I felt comfortable going out in public. My skin was overall very smooth and soft, and the wipes left it with a nice light fragrance. I didn’t notice any bumps or ingrown hairs as a result of the process, either, which is always a huge positive. It doesn’t look like I will need to touch-up again for at least a couple of weeks!

The Braun SE7681 is a great epilator; it’s quick, powerful, has some really useful attachments, and left me feeling confident and happy with my skin. The wipes are a great added bonus, although I hope there is some way to get more when I run out because I might actually use them to refresh my skin throughout the month, not just when I am epilating!