With the exception of the bearded lady, no woman wants to deal with unsightly facial hair! Still, every woman has some, whether it’s just a bit of peach fuzz or a coarse, visible mustache. The options available to women who want to do away with their facial hair are varied. Shaving is quick, easy, and painless, but you have to do it a few times a week, if not more often, and your upper lip is one place that you definitely don’t want to get razor burn.

Waxing hurts and leaves your face red and irritated – and if you don’t trust those do-it-at-home kits, it can be expensive as well. Many men and women are turning to electric epilators to get rid of unwanted facial hair. Epilators are like a one-stop-shop: instead of sugaring, sanding, waxing, or shaving, an epilator plucks the hair right out by the root, leaving nothing behind so that you don’t have to worry about hair growing back immediately. It’s a painful process for sure, but it also is one of the most effective and easy ways to remove hair for a long time.

best-epilator-for-faceWhen looking for best epilator for your face, you obviously want to think carefully about your options. You don’t want anything that will cause nicks and cuts, or anything that will leave you with a red, inflamed upper lip. Stubbly armpits or bumpy legs are easy to hide, but your face is a different story altogether!

Many epilators that are designed to be used on the whole body include attachments specifically for facial hair, but there are also dedicated epilators designed only for use on our face. These, obviously, do better than their multi-use counterparts for anyone with average facial hair – you may get more bang for your buck when buying an epilator with a precision attachment, but you may be sacrificing the quality that you need and deserve. The only exception to this would be someone with extremely coarse facial hair, who may need the extra power of a full-size epilator to get the results they need.

Remember to always exfoliate before epilating – not only will this increase the efficacy of the epilator, it will also make it quicker and less painful for you. Similarly, always keep your upper lip taut when epilating, or you may find yourself with lacerations in a very unwelcome place! To help you get started picking out a facial epilator that will work for you, here are two products currently on the market and how they stand up to the competition.

Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator

Emjoi-Epi-Slim-EpilatorThe Emjoi Epi Slim is a dedicated epilator designed only for facial hair, underarms, and the bikini line. Women with coarser underarm or bikini line hair will probably want to save this one just for the face – its 9 tweezers makes it perfect for facial hair, but probably would not stand up to larger quantities of hair.

Most dedicated facial epilators come with fewer tweezers, so the Emjoi Epi Slim outperforms its competition on that basis alone. This model is great at pulling hair from the root instead of breaking it, even very fine, light hairs that are easily broken will get pulled out with this little device. One downside to the Emjoi is that it does tend to overheat, so you may find yourself turning it off to let it cool down multiple times in one session.

Furthermore, you will find that you have to go over some areas of your facial hair more than once – however, this can be said of most models currently on the market, and with 3 tweezers more than your typical unit, the Emjoi Epi Slim requires a lot less time than a 6-tweezer model. The Emjoi is a perfect epilator for someone who wants a dedicated facial epilator that packs a punch while still being gentle on your skin, but be prepared to use a little patience in the process.

Bellabe Facial Hair Remover

Bellabe-Facial-Hair-RemoverThe Bellabe Facial Hair Remover is a new alternative to epilators – it has the same basic concept, but it is manual, not electric, and uses precision coils instead of tweezers. It works best on light, peach-fuzz type hair, which will come right out with very little pain.

Some women will feel more comfortable with this manual device purely for the control you have – you can go as quickly or slowly as you feel comfortable, although for best results slower movements are recommended.

Also, because it is not electric, there are no noise complaints about the Bellabe! However, the Bellabe does tend to miss or break longer, coarser hairs, so chin hairs or the occasional stiff upper lip hair will still need to be plucked with a tweezer. Women whose major concern are these coarse, long hairs would do better with a motorized epilator, but for fine cheek and upper lip hair the Bellabe is an ideal device.

Cleanup can be a bit trickier than motorized epilators with removable heads, but unless you are trying to clear a lot of long, thick hair at once you should not see many hairs stuck in the Bellabe coils. The average woman will find that the Bellabe performs above and beyond expectations, but keep a pair of tweezers handy for those two or three stubborn strands!