No matter what fashion trends come and go, smooth, silky, hair-free underarms will always be in style. But, as every woman knows, keeping your armpits soft and hairless is harder done than said. Shaving irritates the skin, leaves nicks, cuts, and lacerations, and never gets things quite as smooth as you’d like. Plus, you have to do it every other day. Waxing is great, but can be expensive, and who really wants to pour hot wax on themselves? Epilating is the go-to method for many women today who want the long-term results of waxing without the cost and risk.

Underarms Epilator An epilator is a small device that looks like a men’s electric razor, but has many tiny tweezers inside that pull out unwanted hair by its roots. Pulling hair out by the roots ensures that you will be hair-free for a long time, often for as long as 6 weeks! It’s no picnic, that’s for sure, and you can expect it to hurt – but, for many of us, that pain once in a while beats shaving every other day by a long shot!

Epilators come in all shapes and sizes, but most are designed to be used anywhere on your body. They will often come with special attachments or heads used to target different places. But, just because most epilators use the same technique for dealing specifically with underarm hair does not mean that all epilators are the same! When looking for an epilator for your underarms, it’s important to think about what your individual needs are, and what you want your epilating to be like. For some women, it will be all about speed: even if it hurts a lot, they would rather have it done with as quickly as possible. For other women, they would prefer an epilator that doesn’t have as much power, but which also doesn’t cause as much discomfort.

You always want to look for an ergonomic design. Anyone who has shaved their armpits knows how much twisting, turning, and finesse it takes to target all those nooks and crannies! A big factor when you are shopping for epilators is whether or not you can use them in the shower: corded epilators tend to have more power, but you have to use them dry, which some women find much more uncomfortable than being able to epilate in the shower.

Here are two of the epilators available today on the market, and how they stand up to the vital task of keeping underarms hair-free and silky smooth.

Emjoi Optima Corded Epilator

Emjoi-Optima-Corded-Epilator The Emjoi Optima Corded Epilator is an adorable little epilator that fits right in the palm of your hand. It can only be used dry, which will disappoint some women who want the option to epilate in the shower, but because it is corded it will generally have more power than rechargeable epilators.

The Optima is a great model for someone new to epilating; it is designed specifically to help keep your skin taut as you epilate, its fast motor means you can epilate in less time than other models (meaning less pain for you!), and its no-frills design is easy for anyone to learn to use.

The size allows you to get at hard-to-reach places that bulkier epilators make difficult, and your underarms are full of hard-to-reach places! For someone looking for more attachment heads and options for epilating, the Optima is not ideal; it does come with an attachment specifically for underarms and other sensitive areas, but not as many as other models, which often have massaging and precision heads. The Optima is great at pulling out even the finest, thinnest, shortest hairs, which other epilators might break instead of plucking out.

The Optima has only one speed, and because the motor is more powerful on this model, you will experience more pain in general – for some women, the speedier and more thorough process will outweigh the increased pain, but women who are very pain-sensitive may want to look for a wet/dry epilator with a less powerful motor. Since the Optima is more painful, you may want to trim your hair before epilating to reduce the discomfort of plucking long strands of hair.

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Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator

Emjoi-Soft-Caress-Epilator The Emjoi Soft Caress is a rechargeable epilator, so it is less powerful that the Optima but has its own benefits. The fact that you can use it cordless gives you a greater range of motion as you epilate, as you don’t have to finagle with a cord as you twist and turn to get at more elusive areas. However, even though this is a cordless model, you cannot use it in the shower.

Many women report the Soft Caress to be among the least painful epilators, so while it will take longer to remove all your hair, you can do so with more comfort. This epilator also comes with a massaging finger attachment, which helps minimize pain during use. While the Soft Caress model is bigger than the Optima, making it a bit bulkier, it has an ergonomic design that allows you to follow the curves of your body as you go. However, it does not have a dedicated head for underarms.

The Soft Caress is great at getting both coarse and fine hair, and will even remove the peach fuzz from your upper lip. It has two speeds, so you can experiment and find what speed works best for you. For beginners who are worried about pain, the Soft Caress is a great place to start.

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