Best-epilator-for-menMost epilators on the market today are geared towards women and are designed for a woman’s body, but lots of men also appreciate the precision and long-term results of epilating unwanted body hair. While epilating is more painful than shaving, many find the benefits to far outweigh the discomfort. Epilating pulls your hair from its roots, so your hair grows back much slower and won’t need to break out your razor every other day. Furthermore, epilating gets more of your hair in one go than your average razor, leaving your skin smooth and hair-free. While the price tag on an epilator may seem high, imagine the money you will save over the long run once you no longer need to buy disposable razors and shaving cream! With the right epilator, you can look forward to years of hair removal with one small investment.

Of course, the pain factor is something you should consider when thinking about epilating. However, all the nicks, cuts, and irritation you get with shaving day after day can build up and leave your skin itchy, with ingrown hairs and inflammation. Epilators may leave your skin red and irritated, but only for a short time after using them, after which you won’t need to worry about it again for a few weeks! No more worrying about unsightly stubble – just smooth, soft skin.
As for convenience, epilating beats shaving on all accounts. Epilators are easy to travel with, as your entire hair-removal system is contained in one small device. Furthermore, many can be used wet or dry, so there is no need to jump into the shower if you need to remove hair in a hurry. This also allows you to epilate in whatever position you are most comfortable in, not bending and twisting awkwardly in a tight space!

Epilators specifically designed for men are, unfortunately, few and far between – but that doesn’t mean you are out of luck altogether! Men typically have coarser hair and different angles from women, so it’s important to find an epilator that has the strength and design you need to get the results you want. Optional features like corded or rechargeable, wet or dry use, and additional features will be up to your personal preference. Corded epilators tend to have more power than rechargeable, but offer less range of motion and usually cannot be used in the shower. To help you figure out which men’s epilator to choose, here are three of the best epilators currently on the market, and their relative merits. Happy epilating!

Emjoi AP-18MS Emagine Epilator for Men

Emjoi-AP-18MS-Emagine-Epilator-for-MenThe Emjoi AP-18MS was the first epilator designed especially for men. This corded epilator will keep unwanted hair at bay for up to 6 weeks, and with 72 tweezers it is adequate for coarse male body hair. This epilator’s greatest benefit is the speed – with the most tweezers on the market and a powerful motor, this epilator can perform very powerfully, thus cutting down on time you need to spend using it, which means less pain for you! Some men will be able to get all their hair off in as little as 15 minutes. Despite the powerful motor, the Emjoi Emagine does not overheat so you won’t have to worry about stopping midway through your epilating to let it cool off.

One of the downsides to this epilator is that thinner, less coarse hairs tend to break easily – meaning you will have to go over some areas twice, or you will see more re-growth of these thin hairs and have to shave between epilating. Furthermore, the Emagine is fairly heavy, which can make the process less comfortable when trying to maneuver harder-to-reach spots. This is made even more difficult by the fact that it is a corded epilator, so you will have to use it plugged into the wall – this also means it must be used dry, not in the shower, which can make it more painful for some. Using baby powder on the areas you will be plucking is a great way to make dry epilating more comfortable.

The Emjoi Emagine is a great model for men who want a powerful unit to take care of their coarse hair in a short time and aren’t worried about a little additional discomfort in the process.

Braun SE7681 Silk-epil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator

Braun-SE7681-Silk-epil-7-Wet-and-Dry-EpilatorThe Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 is a wet/dry epilator, meaning it can be used dry or in the shower – many people find that epilating wet is much less painful and an easier process in general. The Braun SE7681 has 40 tweezers and a less powerful motor than the Emjoi Emagine, so epilating will take longer. However, the benefits of this model may outweigh the cons for some.

The Braun’s pivoting head makes it more comfortable to use, especially hard-to-reach spots, and the trimming head will help you target areas that larger heads cannot reach. The efficiency cap is speedy and efficient at removing even thin hairs that more powerful motors will break. This unit also comes with pre-epilation wipes that make the process easier, and leave your skin smooth and soft afterwards.

This unit also has a massaging head that many find relieves the discomfort of epilating, and a spotlight that helps you find stray hairs. So, while the Braun SE7681 will not perform nearly as quickly as a more powerful motorized epilator, it is ideal for men who want to be able to remove all their unwanted body hair at once, rather than having to go back over lighter spots or stray hairs.

Phillips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator

Philips-HP6401-Satinelle-EpilatorThe Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator is one of the more budget-friendly epilators on the market, and while it doesn’t pack the punch of some other models it will not disappoint the average user and may actually be ideal for someone new to epilating. It is one of the least painful epilators available, and might be best for someone with sensitive skin.

It will take longer than other epilators, but this trade-off may be worth it for men who want to avoid pain and irritation after epilating. This epilator is very ergonomically designed and fits nicely in your hand, making it easy to go over spots that other epilators make hard to reach, and while you will find yourself going over one area twice, you will see less hair leftover after epilating than with other models.

One downside to this epilator is that it is very feminine looking, which may turn some men away. But, remember, epilating is something you do alone, in the privacy of your bathroom, so no one ever needs to see you use it if you don’t want them to!

The precision of this epilator allows you to remove even very thin, light hair and the shape and size makes it ideal for epilating small sensitive spots that other models will be too aggressive on.