Epilators Buying guide

If you wish for the closest shave possible without the inherent mess of wax then an epilator is going to be the possible choice for you. On this website you will find a collection of some of the best epilators on the market. Each of them has been fully reviewed to ensure that you make the best possible decision when it comes to hair removal.

An epilator is a hair removal device which works much in the same way as a pair of tweezers. A series of blades will grab hold of each individual hair and pull it out of the root. This method is akin to waxing, albeit you are not destroying the skin cell at the same time (which can be detrimental in the long run). When you use this device you will end up with semi-permanent smooth skin.

How to Choose the Perfect Epilator

As you will very quickly discover on this website; there is no such thing as a perfect epilator. What may be brilliant for one person when it comes to hair removal may not be so fantastic for somebody else. Choosing the correct device is very much an individual decision and that decision will based on a number of different factors. When searching for a hair removal device it is important that you consider the specification of each and every epilator you research. This will ensure that you get something that is right for your needs. Some factors that you may wish to consider include:

The Number of Tweezers on the Device

Epilator-TweezersMany people seem to be of the belief that the more tweezers there are on a device the better it is. Whilst it is true that more tweezers can lead to faster hair removal over larger areas, it is not recommended that you opt for a device with too many of them to begin with. As you may know, the more tweezers you have, the more hair you will be removing at once. For first time users this can actually be quite a painful experience (if you have ever tried waxing then the pain is very much the same as this). It is therefore suggested that newcomers to the world of hair removal opt for a device which has a lower amount of tweezers. You can always upgrade later on when you have become used to the hair removal process.

Do You Intend to Use the Device Wet or Dry?

Wet-or-DryMany people opt to use their epilator whilst their skin is wet. This is great to an extent as it will reduce the amount of pain that you have to deal with. The downside however is that you can only opt for a cordless device. This means that it will have to be charged before each and every use. There will also be a lot less power in the device which may mean that it takes slightly longer to completely eradicate that hair. For those who wish for a bit more power and a quicker hair removal session you may wish to opt for a corded device. Of course you are limited to where you can use it being as it will have to be plugged in at all times.

Corded or Cordless Epilator?

Corded-EpilatorOne of the wonderful things about owning a cordless device is the fact that you can use it anywhere you please. Many of the better units on the market tend to be quite compact. This means that they are going to be brilliant for travelling around. The downside is that they constantly need to be charged. Corded units on the other hand tend to provide more power. Being as that you do not have to worry about dwindling battery life there is no danger that the power will die ‘mid hair removal’ which can actually be quite painful. Obviously the downside is that they tend to be far larger units and you do not have quite as much portability.

How Versatile is the Device?

special-attachmentsOne of the most important considerations when you are purchasing an epilator is the locations on your body in which it can be used. The vast majority of cheaper units on the market can only be used on the legs and to the arms to some extent. This is fine for some people. However there are others who may wish to remove hair from other locations. It is important to check the specification of the device to see whether it is capable of removing hair in the locations that you want. For example; a few of the ‘higher end’ devices on the market come with special attachments which will allow you to shave sensitive areas of your body. If you are using a cheaper unit then you almost certainly would not wish to target your underarms or even your bikini line otherwise it will cause great irritation.

Massage Function

Many of the ‘higher end’ units on the market tend to have a massage function. You will actually be surprised at the amount of people who actually overlook this rather nifty feature. You see; using an epilator is an inherently painful job. You are pulling hair out after all. A massage function will help soothe your skin as it does so. This will not completely eradicate the pain. However it will bring it down to slightly more manageable levels, which is all most people want.

Read Reviews

It is important that you read through as many reviews as possible when you are searching for the perfect epilator. It is important to note that just because a particular hair removal product claims that it is great does not mean that it is great. In fact; a number of ‘top’ models on the market which claim top dollar are not all they are cracked up to be. In fact; a couple of these devices are no better than those which are half of their price. Without reading through reviews on sites like this you will NOT know that information.